Human Resources

Human Resources


Design & develop HR manuals, performance appraisal systems, organization structures, job descriptions & authority matrix


Linking your people and your business strategies is essential if you wish to achieve your organizational goals.

We at PMCi help organizations align their human resources with their programs and strategies through the development of HR Processes, Performance Management Systems, and organisational development programs.

Competency Framework

Human Resources

Competency Framework is a means by which organizations communicate which behaviors are required, valued, recognized, and rewarded with respect to specific occupational roles. It ensures that staff, in general, have a common understanding of the organization's values and expected excellent performance behaviors.

Delegation of Authority Matrix

Human Resources

Delegation of Authority Matrix is a key requirement of the internal control in business entities as it defines the financial and administrative responsibilities and authorities delegated to the incumbents in charge of approving.

HR Manual

Human Resources

HR Manual serves as the organizational backbone that guides the behavior and expectations of employees and management. HR policies provide an overview of how the organization functions and more importantly, how employees must contribute to the well-being of this effort.

Job Descriptions

Human Resources

Job Descriptions will help improve your ability to manage your staff in the following ways provides you with an essential reference tool in issues of disputes with your employees. provides you with a key point of reference for disciplinary issues clarifies your expectations of your employees.

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