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Winning Customer Service in a multi-cultural environment

Winning Customer Service in a multi-cultural environment

Customer Service

- Define customer service and break it down to its most basic dimensions
- Explain the critical link between 'attitude' and 'technique' in order to consistently deliver an excellent level of service
- Use a variety of tools such as 'gap analysis' and 'RATER' to provide a level of service that is second to none
- Analyze basic behavioral patterns of different customer personalities and the best way to deal with them
- Understand the different cultural nuances, expectations of various nationalities and hence the best way of managing the Customers from various nationalities
- Discuss and practice the techniques of effective communication skills with customers


Module 1: Customer service Module 2: Attaining customer satisfaction through quality measures Module 3: Components of quality service Module 4: A profile of different customer personalities Module 5: Different Cultures and hence the personality Module 6: Effective communication with customers


This course uses a mix of interactive techniques, such as brief presentations by the consultant followed by questions, oral and written, case studies, role plays, exercises, video clips and more


4 Days




On premises; online; others

Winning Customer Service in a multi-cultural environment
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