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Treasury & Cash Management

Treasury & Cash Management


- Describe and explain the roles of corporate treasury management and the treasury function
- Apply up-to-date practices covering asset liability management and cash management techniques
- Develop a practical understanding of financial markets and their products
- Recognize and correctly measure financial instruments under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
- Describe fair value measurement and explain its effect on financial instruments’ presentation
- Explain hedging and speculation, and distinguish between the different hedging techniques applied by the treasury function


Module 1: Introduction to the treasury function
Module 2: Cash and liquidity management
Module 3: Corporate finance theory
Module 4: Fixed income securities and bonds’ valuations
Module 5: Stock market and equity valuations
Module 6: Accounting for investments: recognition, impairment and hedge accounting
Module 7: Briefing on derivatives markets, hedging and speculation


The course uses a mix of interactive techniques, such as brief presentations by the consultant, application of theories presented by the consultant and group exercises to exchange experience and apply knowledge acquired throughout the course


2 Days




On premises; online; others

Treasury & Cash Management
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