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Supply Chain Management & Logistics Anaylsis

Supply Chain Management & Logistics Anaylsis

Industrial Engineering

- Recognize trends and modern practices in supply chain and logistics management
- Practice forecasting and inventory optimization techniques
- Appraise item categories and formulate appropriate sourcing strategies
- Describe the role and objectives of transportation management in logistics
- Use value adding warehousing techniques
- Apply theSupply chain Operations Reference (SCOR) framework for management of supply chain performance


Module 1: Modern supply chain and logistics trends
Module 2: Materials forecasting and inventory planning
Module 3: Procurement and go-to-market strategies
Module 4: Role of transportation and shipping in logistics
Module 5: Role of warehousing in logistics
Module 6: Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) framework for performance management


This course leverages a variety of learning tools including individual exercises, group discussions, case studies and videos


10 Days




On premises; online; others

Supply Chain Management & Logistics Anaylsis
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