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Step Up - An Advanced Leadership Program

Step Up - An Advanced Leadership Program

Leadership Programs

- Manage tomorrow by making today more informed decisions that contribute to strengthening the organization’s competitive advantage.
- Develop business acumen by applying managerial economic analysis and drive business impact.
- Apply in the workplace best practices of great managers.
- Bring out the best in people by acting as a ‘multiplier’ rather than a ‘diminisher’.
- Turn into ‘blue ocean’ managers that are able to close the gap between the potential and the realized talent of people they lead


Module 1: Step up management, what it really means
Module 2: Decision making: the essence of a manager’s role
Module 3: Value chain management and competitive advantage
Module 4: Developing business acumen and generating insights
Module 5: What great managers do
Module 6: Bringing out the best in your people
Module 7: Distinguish yourself: become a blue ocean manager


This is a course rich with new ideas, concepts and practical skills. It uses a combination of effective techniques that participants will enjoy and appreciate - Case studies,Team exercises, Real life stories, Discussions and Video films


2 Days




On premises; online; others

Step Up - An Advanced Leadership Program
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