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Risk Assessment & Risk Management for Oil & Gas Projects

Risk Assessment & Risk Management for Oil & Gas Projects

Maintenance Management

By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:
- Use practical steps and processes to manage project risk
- Identify threats & opportunities & weigh their relative value in a project
- Control multiple risks using limited strategies
- Overcome psychological barriers to risk in stakeholders & team members
- Evaluate risk assessment & risk management during the project closure phase of the project


Day 1: Introduction to Organisational Risk
Day 2: The Risk Management Process Wheel & Identifying risk
Day 3: Risk Analysis
Day 4: Risk Responses & Managing Risks
Day 5: Reporting Risk Management Outcome


This training course will utilize a variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding. The course will be highly interactive. Following an introductory session, short input sessions will be provided followed by delegates being given the opportunity to put into practice the lessons learned in the preceding topic.
Illustrations of risk management from the real world will be provided and delegates will be encouraged to contribute examples and illustrations from their own experiences.


5 Days




On premises; online; others

Risk Assessment & Risk Management for Oil & Gas Projects
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