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Retail Selling Skills

Retail Selling Skills

Marketing & Sales

- Explain what motivates customers (logical and emotional) to buy or continue to use a product/service
- Explain four personality styles; identify their own style; and, adapt their style to establish rapport with other personality styles
- Follow a simple 5-step sales process that will give them the confidence, energy, and focus they need to become successful retail sales professionals
- Use a powerful sales questioning technique that will enable them to better ask customers around lifestyle needs
- Overcome common objections and close the sale
- Make the best out of each interaction with every customer
- Learn valuable lessons from Joe Gerard, one of the greatest retail salesmen who ever lived


Module 1: Linking sales and customer service
Module 2: Know your stuff and your customer
Module 3: Create the opportunity
Module 4: Handle objections and close the sale
Module 5: After sales and follow-up


A variety of innovative techniques are used to trigger facilitated discussion and convey the program ideas. The learning’s from the workshop would be effectively explained through experiential learning making the learning fun and innovative. Special emphasis would be laid on Self – Confidence, Motivation, Communication and Handling Stake holders.

The course would have a blend of classroom sessions, role playing and actual visit to real stores with guided activities


2 Days




On premises; online; others

Retail Selling Skills
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