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Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Skills

Marketing & Sales

- Understand their strengths & weaknesses and how to reduce their weaknesses and improve their strengths
- Recognise a good & bad negotiation and be able to thoroughly explain why it was good or bad
- Prepare for every negotiation using a structured approach
- identify which stage of the negotiation they are in, at anytime during a negotiation
- Have improved confidence when negotiating
- Use a variety of tools to reduce deadlock, Solve problems, and Get their points across more effectively


Module 1: Negotiations Introduced
Module 2: Negotiation Skill Basics
Module 3: Practical Negotiation Framework
Module 4: Handling Relationship Issues In Negotiations
Module 5: Negotiation Paradigms
Module 6: Tactics For Handling Difficult Negotiators
Module 7: The Power Of Preparation
Module 8: The Art of Negotiating


This methodology of this course is very hands on, role play based and hinges on the needs identification done by the Trainer where in the tools that would be used in the workshop would be used in the real situations


2 Days




On premises; online; others

Negotiation Skills
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