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Key Account Management

Key Account Management

Marketing & Sales

- Define the functions of Key accounts and their importance for the commercial organization
- identify and prioritize Key accounts to measure their profitability and qualify their strategic importance for their company
- Classify the different levels of customer relationships to enhance the way they interface with customers
- Develop customer focused plans and strategies needed in the Development of Key accounts
- build core Key account competencies to meet the ever changing challenges in the market


Module 1: Key Account Management (KAM) defined
Module 2: Account analysis: defining and selecting KA
Module 3: Key account relational development model
Module 4: The Key Account Planning process (KAP)
Module 5: The critical role of key account managers


The course includes self assessment tools, planning and analytical templates, and psychometric self assessment instruments to measure personal abilities to accommodate different personality styles. Group exercises and case studies will also be integral parts of the training methodology used


2 Days




On premises; online; others

Key Account Management
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