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How to write a wining submission

How to write a wining submission

EFQM Submission

In this course, we will present a detailed awareness of the submission’s structure and what kind of information should be included.
We will provide the trainee specialized workshops of how to write your submission based on excellence model and RADAR logic; starting from the self and external assessment results.
We will focus on the principles of participation from the beginning till the end of the training whereas every participant will take a chance to express his/her views in order to enhance the transfer of knowledge to them as well as the exchange of experience among them. To enhance participation, we will form committees.


Advanced understanding of the EFQM Excellence Model and the method of writing
Presentation on how to collect basic information to write the introduction.
Workshop on how to write an introduction
Using self-assessment to write a winning submission
Workshop on how to write sub-criterion 3b – people
Workshop on how to write sub-criterion 7b - people results
Linkages between sub-criteria
Reaching Consensus
Roles & Distribution


Lectures, case studies, group exercises and discussions


3 Days


English and/or Arabic


On premises; online; others

How to write a wining submission
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