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Hired - Interviewing Skills Program

Hired - Interviewing Skills Program

Leadership Programs

- Define the importance of interviewing as a method of selection, brainstorm common mistakes untrained interviewers commit and define ways to overcome them
- List main types of selection interviews and when and how to use each
- Design a competency-based interview guide using competencies and values and use it to collect ‘code-able’ data from interviewees
- Conduct a probing interview designed to uncover behavioral characteristics of applicants
- Use data collected from interviews to complete a gap analysis and decide on the most suitable candidate


Module 1: The interview as a method of selection
Module 2: Types of selection interviews
Module 3: Competency-Based Interviews (CBI)
Module 4: Structure of a CBI
Module 5: Post interview steps


The course is workshop-based. A small percentage of the time is used to debunk some of the common myths related to interviewing and the rest is dedicated to activities and exercises aimed at ‘test-driving’ the skill of competency-based interviewing. The workshop relies on the use of role-plays and scenario interviews to ensure the translation of knowledge to skill is at maximum levels


2 Days




On premises; online; others

Hired - Interviewing Skills Program
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