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Financial Management for Non Finance Managers

Financial Management for Non Finance Managers


- Understanding of the analytical framework underlying financial statements
- Understanding and application of ratio analysis
- Knowledge of financing metric: performance and wealth
- Understanding of key financial decisions in terms of analysing financial statements
- Get acquainted with the various determinants of a company’s value
- Learn and appreciate the basic tools of financial decision making such as time value of money and risk and return leading to capital budgeting decisions.
- Gain knowledge of investment decision through techniques of capital budgeting such as Payback period, NPV, IRR, etc
- Develop the relationship between financing and investment decisions
- Develop a primary level understanding of the various sources of long term finance, namely debt and equity.
- Develop in-depth understanding of choice of financing mix and the relevance of capital structure in a firm.
- Appreciate the importance of dividend decision as a means of shareholder’s value maximization.
Tactical Financing Decisions


Module 1: Financial accounting and reporting
Module 2: Managing and measuring the performance of your organisation
Module 3: Demystifying the distinctions between ‘Financial’ and ‘Economic’ profit; the beliefs
Module 4: Economic Value Added (EVA™)
Module 5: Capital budgeting and project appraisal techniques
Module 5: Capital budgeting and project appraisal techniques
Module 6: Cash Flow Estimation and Risk Analysis
Module 7: Cost of capital and company valuation
Module 8: Financing Strategies – Raising Debt and Equity
Module 9: Dividend Valuation
Module 10: Working Capital Management
Module 11: Providing and Obtaining Credit
Module 12: Financial Management in Not-For-Profit Businesses


The course is interactive and is comprised of lectures, case studies, technical process learning and supplemental discussions related to various industries and the challenges of implementation


10 Days




On premises; online; others

Financial Management for Non Finance Managers
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