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ISO 30401

Knowledge Management Systems (KMS)

ISO 30401

ISO 30401 is developed in order to guide organizations establish a knowledge management system. A system that will enhance business value through knowledge creation and management, and sharing.


  • Improved organizational agility.

  • Better and faster decision making.

  • Makes knowledge visible

  • Quicker problem-solving.

  • knowledge intensive culture is developed

  • knowledge infrastructure is built

  • Increased rate of innovation.

  • Sharing of specialist expertise.

  • Better communication.

  • Improved business processes.

ISO 30401

Our Approach:

  • Conduct Gap Analysis exercise

  • Management System Development

  • Management System Implementation Support

  • Conduct Risk Assessment

  • Run first round of Internal Audit

  • Pre-certification Assessment

  • External Audit Support

  • Maintenance Support over the period of the certification

Why PMCi?

  • Qualified and trained Consultants with wide range of experience in all sectors. 

  • Wide range of client database allowing us to benchmark locally and internationally in order to provide the best quality of service.

  • Strong relationships with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who can be utilized for the benefit of the client

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