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Peak Performance Coaching

Peak Performance Coaching

Leadership Programs

- Define and explain the meaning and the differences between coaching, counselling and mentoring
- Understand why, how and when to Apply coaching in a workplace settings
- Understand and explain the benefits of coaching and why sometimes coaching fails
- Analyze and Recognize their own coaching styles and how to Apply this knowledge in their coaching engagements
- Learn the skills, characteristics and qualifications of the ideal coach
- improve communication skills to enhance the effectiveness and the quality of coaching sessions
- Learn and Apply a variety of coaching strategies, tools and techniques
- Understand the practical application of mentoring and how to Create and manage mentoring relationships in the workplace


Module 1: Introduction and definitions
Module 2: Applications, benefits and challenges of coaching
Module 3: Coaching styles and skills
Module 4: Coaching sessions, strategies and approaches
Module 5: Mentoring


In this course, participants will be engaged in extensive role-plays to help them develop their coaching and mentoring skills. Participants will also conduct mini presentations in front of the groups to demonstrate and share their understanding of the course's material. Individual and group activities will also be used to solve exercises and cases and participants will have the opportunity to assess their personal coaching and mentoring styles using a set of effective self- assessment tools


2 Days




On premises; online; others

Peak Performance Coaching
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